Cables FAQ

Which cable is right for me?

  1. If you have a Mac computer, you may need some additional cables in order to connect to one of our projectors.
  2. The two most common cables Macs use are Mini-DVI and Mini-Display. In order to connect to our projector, you will need to be able to output this port to a VGA signal. The following cables will do this for the majority of Mac computers.
  3. Below is a picture of a Mini-DVI Port. It is a U-shape.
  4. You can purchase this cable from the Apple Store or other online vendors.
  5. Below is a picture of a Mini-Display Port.
  6. Mini-Display_Port
  7. You can purchase this cable needed to connect to our projector here or another online retailer.
  8. If you have a Mini-DVI port and want to connect to the AAXA M2, you may also chose to buy a Mini-DVI to HDMI(f) cable.
  9. Below is a picture of a DVI-HDMI adapter for Macs.
  10. Mini-Display-VGA
  11. In this case you would also need to get a HDMI cable which are very cheap on Amazon.
  12. These cables typically go for less than $5. Below is a picture of a HDMI cable.
  13. HDMI Cable
  14. If a VGA cable is not included such as for AAXA M1 Projectors, you can also buy them on Amazon for less than $5.
  15. Below is a picture of a VGA Cable.
  16. Mini-Display-VGA