The AAXA M1 is the perfect companion for digital camera owners. This micro projector enables both professional and amateur photographers to quickly load and review pictures through its onboard SD Card slot. With its onboard JPEG processor pictures can be displayed at sizes of up to 100” and at SVGA resolutions. Unlike other micro projectors the M1’s robust processor can properly convert and crop pictures up to 12 megapixels and quickly display them as a slide show or individual format through the projector. And unlike other projector cameras with only 8 lumens and 420x320, the AAXA M1 features 66 lumens and 800x600 resolution. An additional feature of the M1 is the ability to accept a composite video feed, which allows some cameras to feed a live image directly to the projector – in other words allowing the photographer to shoot and project at the same time!


  1. Finish taking pictures – remove SD Card from Camera

  2. Insert SD Card into the AAXA M1 Projector

  3. Select “SD Card” then select “Photos”

  4. Pictures will display in a slide show mode – click “ok” on each picture to bring up a full screen.

  5. Press “ok” to pause/play, left and right to scroll through pictures

Trouble Shooting

  • Cannot view pictures – Check to ensure pictures are saved as JPEG format.
  • Cannot view pictures on M1 but can view them on Mac computer – Check to ensure pictures are saved as JPEG format, RGB mode (not CMKY) and without Mac preview items.
  • Cannot see SD Card – Check to ensure SD Card is 8GB or less in size
  • Cannot see SD Card – Check to ensure SD Card is formatted on a Windows based PC

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